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Injury Management

At Employmenthealth, our primary focus is on urgent injury management, rehabilitation and safe return to work strategies, all designed to assist the employer and injured worker for a safe and timely return to the workplace. Our key processes include critical and ongoing treatment services, an injury management program and a return to work program.

Accelerated return to work programs have shown to improve the outcome of further ongoing issues that may arise since the initial injury. Getting back to work can reduce the financial and emotional impact on a worker and their family and can be an important factor in helping them recover and return to a normal life again. Employmenthealth will work with the employer and injured worker to implement a suitable return to work program for everyone involved. Generally speaking, usually a few minor changes can make all the difference, adjustments to working hours or the performance requirements of a job might be all that is required to make a positive impact for the injured worker and for the employer.

The Issue…

Prompt and thorough treatment if an employee is injured at work.

Our Solution…

We are available when you need us:

  • Langwarrin, Mornington and Ocean Grove locations have Priority appointments for injury management cases.
  • Extended hours coverage.

We have fully equipped facilities:

  • Full treatment room facilities for all non life threatening emergencies.
  • Triage process ensures that urgent cases get to the front of the line.

Our approach ensures early intervention following an injury to achieve the best outcome:

  • We focus on the employees duties, enabling them to stay at work or return to work earlier if time off is medically necessary.
  • We ensure open communication between the employer, the injured worker and the treating doctor.

The Issue…

Managing the progression of staff back to work after a work or non-work injury.

Our Solution…

  • Expert clinical advice on appropriate/alternative duties and load.
  • Progressing duties with correct medical oversight as injured worker becomes more able bodied.
  • Get final medical sign off when they progress to their previous role on a full time basis.

The Issue…

Ensuring that your workplace environment and different roles/duties are well understood and factored into treatment decisions.

Our Solution…

  • Workplace inspections provide the doctor with a background picture. This is essential in tailoring return to work programs.
  • Workplaces can vary based on the type of business, the location and the specific job area.
  • Face to face contact between the doctor and health and safety manager has been shown to facilitate subsequent telephone consultation and earlier return to work.