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About Employmenthealth

As a division of Epichealth Medical Clinics, Employmenthealth is a long established employment health solutions provider with a reputation for quality, performance and integrity. Our team of experienced medical practitioners in the field of employment health issues provide affordable, responsive and tailored health programs.

Employmenthealth programs are designed to maximise workplace performance, minimise workplace health problems and related costs to businesses as well as help businesses create a culture of care and commitment throughout their organisation. Employmenthealth actively improve the health of our clients while also improving productivity, attraction and retention, staff morale and culture.

Employmenthealth provide health programs for a number of small to medium and large businesses across Melbourne Metropolitan, Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas within a vast range of industries including professional services, mining, tourism, IT, banking, finance, manufacturing and many more. We know that no two businesses are the same; and that all employees are different; and because of this; we specialise in tailoring affordable solutions and implementing programs to suit your individual business requirements.

“Healthy employees lead to healthy businesses. The first step to creating a healthy workforce is providing an environment that encourages healthy behaviour.”